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Farther West

This blog is going to be bikes and some personal things. I started another blog devoted to things with engines. http://automotivethings.tumblr.com/


Ricky’s just finished his 1000km+ tour of Japan, on an old steel track bike. 

Rolling into Shibuya at last, any soreness I previously felt was now gone, I was far too excited. Then this old man would come out of a street, riding on the wrong side of the road. I’d manage to dodge him, but he’d collect my mate who was riding right behind me.

This would be my mate’s first crash on this tour. Luckily the old man was totally fine, not a scratch to be found. My mate copped a grazed knee and a cracked seat stay on his frame. His frame had been dropped and scratched numerous times on the tour, so the crack added some fresh Tokyo patina. Good thing we were essentially at the end of our journey.

Back on our bikes, we’d skid through the Shibuya crossing. power up Shinjuku, and filter through buses down Harajuku. Next we know, Ikeburkuro station is on our immediate left.

My mind slows down as I look around, taking in the fact that we’ve reached the end of our tour. It’s been two guys, two weeks, and over 1000km. With the bike I rode, and the gear I was carrying, I would not have have made the journey on my own.

As much as I was looking forward to reaching Tokyo and unloading, I knew our budget accommodation wouldn’t be plush living. Nonetheless it was a welcome sight to turn a corner and see our hotel tower above.

So ah… who else is crazy jealous right now? 



Royal Fixed Gear - Red Hook Crit Milano 2014

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Dësgenà Crit D02

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